Hottest Full Chip For Volvo Vida Dice 2014D Diagnostic Tool Multi Language Pro Green Board Free Ship

Top Selling Volvo Vida Dice Diagnostic Tool The Newest Version 2014A Support Multi Languages For Volvo
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Item TypeCode Readers & Scan Tools
Brand NameDiagmall
Software UpdateYes
Special FeaturesOther

Product Description

Please Note:

1. If your CD was broken or can\'t readable, please contact us for software download link. DO NOT OPEN DISPUTE OR GIVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK!
2. Recommended PC system: Windows 7 Pro (32Bit Is Better) system with Internet Explorer IE9 or above and NET.Framework 3.5. Do not support XP or Win7 Home system!

3. Before install the software, please remeber to shut down your anti-virus software, Or it will be no bad effect on your laptop !
4. Our Vida Dice scan tool is used together with VIDA all-in-one to communicate with the vehicle. WE DO NOT SELL STUPID VIDA DICE which resvised from J2534, because that do NOT supports full functions and update.

5. Remember to run the file EnableIEHostingx86.reg for 32bit systems or EnableIEHostingx64.reg for 64 bit system. The files can be found in the folder INSTALL->Utils. Just run these file as administrator So " Communication Tool " ( DICE CONFIGURATION ) will be OK !
6. Our Vida Dice do not support Bluetooth function. it communicate via USB. The User Name is: 1 or admin

7. Software must install on C Drive with 40G spare space.

8. We will offer Best After-Sale service for you as we have much professional experience for solving the problems.

Hottest Full Chip For Volvo Vida Dice 2014D Diagnostic Tool Multi-Language For Volvo Dice Pro Vida Dice Green Board Free Ship

The Green PCB Board & Full Chip For VOLVO VIDA DICE:


1. Firmware: Full Chip.

Software: Newest 2014D

2. Support languages: English,French,Portuguese,Spanish,Swedish

3. Support System : Win XP & Win 7 32bit

4. Updated by link or Email

5. Support For Vol-vo cars from 1999-2015, but can not support new XC90 Doip

6. Can do control modules, SRS, general safety, brakes, airbag, engine as well as service and maintenance.

For Volvo Vida Dice (DIagnostic Communication Equipment) is a tool that is used together with VIDA All-in-one sw to diagnose and troubleshoot for Volvo vehicles from and including model year 1999. This is the latest for Volvo tool to replace the well-known VCT2000 device.

For Volvo Vida Dice is connected to the vehicle\'s OBD diagnostic socket. When connecting to the vehicle, DICE is powered as long as the battery is charged. Device has a folding hook that is designed for hanging the unit from one of the grab handles in the vehicle for example.

For Volvo Vida Dice is equipped with four status LEDs that indicate the status of the sw, the USB communication and the interface to the car. Also there is a DC input where a battery cable or adaptor (12V) can be connected, it is used when upgrading and troubleshooting the DICE device.

Features of vida dice diagnostic:
General diagnostics and tests
Diagnostic trouble codes and associated procedures
Symptom-related diagnostic procedures
Wiring diagrams


General safety information
General information
Component location
Service programs
Removal, replacement and installation
Overhaul instructions
Cleaning, Inspection and Adjustment
Installation instructions, accessories

Parts catalogue

Product specification

Visual identification
Design and function
Specifications, electrical/electronic
Specifications, mechanical
Mechanical schematics and diagrams
Gas, Vacuum and Fluids Schematics/Diagrams


General Information Bulletins
Manual Update Bulletins
Product Fix/Special Tool Bulletins
Recall/Service Campaign Bulletins
Emission Recall Campaign Bulletins
Service Manager Bulletins
Parts/Accessories Bulletins
WB, mechanical tools

Requirement on Computer for vida dice diagnostic:

It must be windows 7 Professional operating system

It need to be Internet Explorer 9

Computer memory need over 3GRAM

C:// must have 40GB space

SW must install on C://

It must be NTFS format

Packing List :

DICE device

OBD-II cable

USB A to MINI USB angled cable


Installation tips:
My link has attched clear video instruction, pls follow the video .
Some important Installation Steps Shows :
---User Name: 1

---USB Driver installed successfully Display :

---Device And PC Communicate Successfully Display :

---Device Connect Car Successfully Display :

---Vehicle Details Display :

---Fault Trace Display :

Useful FAQ :
Q: If you met this problem like below picture. You can follow these steps.

A: Just run the file EnableIEHostingx86.reg for 32bit systems or EnableIEHostingx64.reg for 64 bit system. The files can be found in the folder INSTALL->Utils. Just run these file as administrator and everything works fine now!
Q:When I install Volvo Vida software,it has anerror”Security OK but Vida not OK”. How to solve the problem?
A:You need install it on Win7 32bit computer.
Q:Does Vida Dice have the function of coding programming ?Is it possible to change the language in instrument cluster?
A:No, it is a full scanner for old and new Volvo car, but it cannot do program or change language.
Q:I’m using Vida 2014D with Dice, and I’m curious about in which module I can change the “Automatic locking by speed” feature?
A:You need to be able to read/write both DIM and ICM flash memories.You have two options. Either make the reload at local Volvo dealer or someone who has an autologic interface. You could also buy some interface that is able to read/write DIM but not ICM.
Q: When I use Avdi with Volvo Vida, I have problem to communicate with all modules in car.Some modules like ECU,TCUare not in networks, but I have connection with climate control, CEM and front doors etc.In network screen I have ECU and TCU red and a text no communication. Besides,I also have problems with Avdi software.
A:We know that Vida Dice is a J2534-2compatible, whereas Avdi is only a J2534-1 compatible, which causes no communication with all modules. I’m using a Vida Dice clone and my clone is full chip 1:1 as genuine one. I started with 2008 Vida versions and I was upgraded one by one to the 2014d version now.
Q: When I go Vida all-in-one after I input the password ADMIN, it does not accept anything.
A: Please install “Vida_patch”, after complete installation, restart the computer, then it will accept.


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